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Greetings! - radioactive_ratt - 05-16-2015 03:50 PM

So, I'm kinda bored waiting for an opportunity to throw Julius into the mix at the Champion's Corner (Don't want to step on Trevor's cloven hooves while he's telling the story ^_^;; ) So I thought I'd make a thread for general chat! (Was going to make one for a forum game but I wasn't sure if that was allowed here or not)

I've read through all eleven pages and can't wait to join X3 I also can't wait for the next page to come out o3o I donated again just after the latest page went out but I'm not sure if Daidaishar noticed .-. So! What do you guys do while you're waiting on rp posts/comic pages? I've been doodling some ponies XD Lots of ponies ._.;

RE: Greetings! - Eva Emaria - 05-21-2015 12:33 PM

Hi love! I'm excited to have Julius join the fray too, though I need to figure out how long Eira is going to be gone getting Gersemi and Signe out of trouble myself... (Especially since Tore is enjoying poking at Revelry too much. I think she's cranky...)

What do I do while waiting? Um... Work. Poking away at my book. Work. Post in my other forum RPs (Avengers/X-Men/Harry Potter/Firefly AU RPs, respectively). Work. Play DnD. Do medieval re-enactments... I'm really, really dorky, okay? >_>

RE: Greetings! - radioactive_ratt - 05-21-2015 01:15 PM

D: I wish I could play DnD with someone! I've never tried it but I've always wanted to... I kinda have no friends so I just sit in front of the computer all day drawing if I'm not at work. And midevil re-enachments? like LARPing? I've always wanted to LARP too T_T I've never had anyone to ask.. I've always heard it's fun to do, is it? I imagine it's like that South Park game where you play as a kid who just moved there. But then again that's just a game XD

And yeah, it's hard to make your character do what you want when the perfect moment for him or her to do what you want is a few pages of posts away XD

RE: Greetings! - Eva Emaria - 05-22-2015 11:20 AM

The important part of DnD is to have the right DM. You need someone who is going to realize what the group members play for and adjust their plan accordingly. (I have a HUGE rant about this, so I'm going to sit on it rather than bore you.) But yes, lots of fun. Big Grin I play the warmage/favored soul at the moment. My job is to blow things up and heal the aftermath. (And deal with the fact that my deity and I don't always see eye to eye.)

And sort of like LARPing? More like theater in the round for hours at a time, to be honest... My group does Arthurian legend characters, with sometimes guest characters, and we do a couple shows at the fair (a scripted human chessboard and a song and dance show), but mostly walk around and let the patrons meet Arthur and Guinevere and Gawain and insert other characters here. This year was kinda funny (Dai will get a kick out of this). We did a King Arthur AFTER the fall of Camelot board...versus Joan of Arc.

It was set at the Siege of Orleans, and the idea was that Arthur was brought out of his rest in Avalon as the Once and Future King to help England in her time of need (and then Glasdale messed that up, sooo), and the rest of us were brought forward from our time period. Well, I was cast as Guinevere, and I loved it. But I was either the best pick for Guinevere this year...or the worst, depending on how you look at it. I did the role justice apparently according to others, so that's the best. But I was cast as ABBESS Guinevere. And I have severe issues with the church and the Bible so outside of some REAL general knowledge of children's Bible stories, I know NOTHING. So it's a REALLY good thing no one asked me for a psalm or something, because I would have been SOL. (The guy playing Arthur got a HOOT out of this when I dropped that bomb on the second day of fair.)

RE: Greetings! - Onasaki - 05-27-2015 07:49 PM

I love DnD. If you ever look into Roll20, you can play DnD online with people! The last game I played however, got cut short on my end, because some dudes who were jerks against my character. It was 5th Edition, and it was a Forlorn Expedition campaign, so it was like... 20 people, and different parties exploring different places.

I had a warlock kid with a Great Old One Pact, for Eternal Youth. People hated the idea of having a kid in the game, even though the DM had allowed it in the first place. I wasn't even over the top, or bad about it, in fact, I was EXTREMELY subtle. Creepily subtle sometimes. But that was the concept. XD

He wasn't evil though. Everyone just thought he was, which saddens me, because he just wanted to be friends with everyone.

Also, never feel like you're stepping on my toes, ever. I'm very open to anyone popping in, I know how to act, react, and adjust my posts as needed! I do RPing like... 99.9% of the time I'm on the computer. XD I really feel bad that I kind of took over, I never intended too! I'm kinda sad that people seem to look down on him, but at the same time, I kind of expected it. You know?

In the grand scheme of things, Revelry, isn't all that important. It's why most people don't realize there were actually gods of wine, sex, and drugs, these days. You mention Dionysus to someone who isn't already familiar with Greek Pantheon, and they're like, "What? Who?" To be honest though, that's like the only "Wine God" I'm familiar with. XD

But yeah, don't even think you're going to step on my toes. I'm very good at keeping things going, if people want to jump in, I just didn't expect to grab everyone's attention. Trevor isn't the attention-grabbing sort, for that reason.

RE: Greetings! - radioactive_ratt - 05-29-2015 04:55 PM

Ah, gotcha. I'll need friends to find the right DM first though XD Not sure what Warmage or favored soul is but I can look it up~

Wow, sounds interesting! And a theater thing? Like in front of an audience? I wouldn't be able to do that ^^; I'd look stupid in front of so many people. And I know next to nothing about stuff like King Arthur or Guinevere so everything you're saying is just flying right over my head XD Sorry, I'm not much into history and all that kind of stuff unless it has to do with dinosaurs <3

Huh, Roll20..I'll have to check that out! (After I finish my next set of story panels for my tumblr story blog XD ) I'm not that great at roleplay forums so I'm not sure how well I'd be at DnD over the internet but might as well see what it's all about ^_^ I've played a child for a roleplay forum before and I have no problems with playing kids. Mine was a homunculius at a FMA roleplay forum. He had fleas and didn't know how to act proper so when Riza found him, she locked him inside of Mustang's office and he got bored and into trouble XD Peed on Mustang's chair, chewed a hole in the wall and drew all over his desk! Not to mention all the fleas that infested the place XD Everyone who RP'd with him loved him! Is it not normal to RP as a child in DnD or something though? I'm just curious.

Yeah, when the Champions were revieled, I didn't understand what the champion of Rivelry did and to be honest I still kinda don't. Why is it called Rivelry if it's got to do with making sure everyone has a good time? I don't get it ToT

And I'm actually quite shy when it comes to starting roleplays and was kinda just using that as an excuse for my delay in posting ^^; I'm not sure how to throw him in there or what he'll do... D8 I fail so much at roleplaying it's sad! I know I said I've roleplayed before but that was just me being silly with my sister and a couple other members for about a month before the site closed due to inactivity :T

RE: Greetings! - Onasaki - 05-31-2015 03:02 AM


No one here is 'professional'. And no one will judge you, promise. As for roleplaying kids in DnD, no, it's not very common apparently. At least with the group that I played with. (I love RPing kids, myself) And that character does sound fun! I'm guessing it was a Pre-Brotherhood Homunculus?

(I also feel like this is my fault. Don't feel intimidated.)

RE: Greetings! - Aylis - 06-01-2015 11:44 AM

I feel like I owe an apology. xD
When RPs go silent.... I tend to post. Not because it's 'my turn', but I invariably feel like the reason for the silence is my fault, and i need to do something to pick it back up. XD

RE: Greetings! - radioactive_ratt - 06-01-2015 01:25 PM

Haha guys XD You don't need to apologize! It's just the way I am with just about everything so don't feel bad! <3

Yes, he as a Pre-Brotherhood Homonculus. Waaaayyyy Pre-Brotherhood. I personally can't stand Brotherhood at all and refused to continue watching after about four episodes.

Don't worry guys, I'll post with Julius eventually ^^;

RE: Greetings! - Eva Emaria - 06-03-2015 09:04 AM

Whereas I am the second slowest person to ever post. >_> Sorry guys! And dude, does someone know how to RP professionally? I want that job. I index/verify records of land deeds all day as it is...

Oooh, Roll20! I've fiddled with it once with my solo campaign one of my group's DMs is running for me (that has since been waylaid), and tried to use it before for a forum RP that never got off the ground. But I understand group drama. I'm in the middle of some right now that has me about to pull my character out and ask the DM pointedly what kind of character classes he wants, since my nature/the wilds themed archer is NOT working with his campaign so far. Outside of the first session, it has been in the city and all the enemies have been undead, and we're already at level 5 and he declared that we are not going above 20 or even getting to 20 if he has his way... Ugh.

I'm getting around to catching up and posting the girls. I'll probably bring Eira back soon, or now, depending on what's going on. Tongue (So behind, so very behind, sorry again...)