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Champion's Corner
06-09-2015, 10:38 AM
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RE: Champion's Corner
Sigdis grimaced as Aylis took the dose, her mouth almost remembering the taste herself. She handed him the appropriate cups, and grinned when he finished. The medicine kicked in, and she nnodded, relieved it had worked. "You'll have to talk to Jordis about the recipe first," she said apologetically. "I can't in good conscious hand it out when she only told me because she's training me to take her place."

She took the cups into the kitchen again so they'll be out of the way, which was a faster job than fixing everything had been. She came back quickly, in time to hear Aylis apologizing on Revelry's behalf. Sigdis looked to Tore. It wasn't that big of deal to her, but the trumpter swan...

For her part, Tore rose a brow at Aylis's statement. It sounded horribly familiar. Mostly, how things had been going with her and the guardsman at the Lake. "I understand more than you think," she said with nod. "If it weren't for the fact we had such a massive turn around in the Guard, I... Well, that is neither here nor there." It would be another decade if not longer before Eira's rule was truly settled, especially if Trevor was right and there was disloyalty somewhere in the villages. And until then, Tore was here as the second in command.

Something about that statement was still bothering Tore, though she wasn't sure what. For her part, Sigdis was looking up at the ceiling to keep her expression from showing what she was thinking. Her and Iduna were the only two who knew what was secretly going on in Eira's head (or rather, heart, but the Lady Champion hadn't figured it out herself yet), having come to the same conclusion through sheer observation and actually not being all that close with her, and they were taking great pains to keep it that way. But the irony of hearing Aylis's situation was almost too much.

Thankfully, Tore had been given something else to chew on. "Julius is supposed to becoming?" she repeated, her voice pointedly bland. "Just who else has our lady been meeting with?" Eira was fast on her way into getting into trouble. The swan people were not strong magically, and while they were fierce in combat, that did little good against the raw forces of Fire other such champions. That's why she had a full guard in the first place.

She mirrored his cant, taking the compliment for what it was, but... "Has someone done something to offend you?" she asked, showing as much concern as she could to an outsider. Aylis had helped the Guard in the past, before they'd had their own healer who could take care of all but the worst of injuries. It wouldn't do to lose that good will, especially with Jordis taking steps to retire even faster than Tore if she could manage it.
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06-09-2015, 12:40 PM (This post was last modified: 06-11-2015 12:43 PM by Aylis.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
"No, no. Nothing you did. Nor anyone here. Your kind has been more than wonderful to me. I just wonder about some of their practices... secrecy and... Well, I just don't understand. And some of them that I've met find it hard to deal with me because I don't, if that makes any sense." Aylis explained, quick to reassure the Maiden.

"Humans, on the other hand. It would be almost amusing if it weren't hurtful. The amount of young ladies that have approached me, looking for companionship. Only to turn sour and cold when I turn them down." He shook his head, and offered a sad sort of smile. "It's similar, to me, to not understanding someone - like myself and your kind. But rather than shun you all, I've made attempts to understand. Humans... just don't do that."

He steepled his fingers, and leaned forward a bit. "As to whether or not Julius is coming... Who knows, with him. Would I like to see him? Sure. We barely speak. He's just as busy as I am - although I've left him multiple ways to keep in touch. Some part of me thinks it might be a touch of resentment? The guy works to undermine everything I work to preserve, and I seek to destroy everything he's ever done. Our life's work is each other's undoing, in a sense." Aylis leaned back with a shrug. "That's not to say I hate the guy. I don't. I'm rather fond of him. It's just... the nature of the beast, I suppose."

Chuckling a bit, he gestured toward Tore and Sigdis. "Once again, I'm demonstrating how much I don't know. Daily things that other people do - maidens, Champions, and humans alike - I simply don't... grasp. I suppose that makes me naive in the very worst way, but... I haven't had a decent teacher."

[Rewriting, because some of what I said wasn't clear enough. Fixed now.]
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06-24-2015, 12:14 PM (This post was last modified: 06-24-2015 12:15 PM by Eva Emaria.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
The two maidens here shared a look at the mention of the secrecy of the villages. "Most of it comes back to the fears of the medians and for our women," Tore finally answered. "Those maidens who go out into the world are brave and powerful with the sword or bow, but they are not the majority of our kind. They, we, can call upon the myths of the Valkyries to aid us should our capes come into danger. It isn't the case for shepherd girls or blacksmith's daughters. We settled into villages so we could have safe havens, but if the humans find them... Well, pardon the pun, but they will be sitting ducks."

"We should still probably have word with the villages," Signe said with a frown. "Humans are one thing, but provided they aren't coming to do us harm, we should be more open to other Solidifians."

Tore nodded at her younger counterpart's suggestion, and frowned at the troubles that poor Aylis had dealt with from the humans. She crossed her arms and scowled. She particularly did not get the stigma they had for those like Aylis and Brenda. It wasn't her tastes, but still. This was ridiculous to have prejudice against them. But that was her culture speaking, not theirs. "Humans fear what they don't understand, and refuse to understand what is different from their normal."

They shared looks when Aylis spoke of his opposite. "I suppose we are all that way," Signe said carefully. "Phoenix is not regarded with a universal dislike among us, but it is impossible not to notice how different he is from us at the same time."

"And he takes such care to rub our noses in it." Eira returned, accompanied this time by a grown member of the guard rather than Elspeth. Dressed in reddish pink and her white hair in a series of braids that she kept tucked in a net rather than let hang free, she also had the markings of an archer like Signe, with arm bracers and breast plate in brown leather. "Or at least mine," she amended, clapping Tore on the shoulder. "Rowen will take your place, Tore, if you want to go take your temper out on the one who deserves it."

"I can't, my lady. You'll beat me," the second said, her sharp smile on crossing her face. It was clear she was not happy with her leader, but trying not to show it in too aggressive of a manner.

Eira rolled her eyes heavenward for a second and then looked to Aylis. "Don't be too hard on yourself," she admonished gently. "Some of us are just a lot better at faking that we know what we are doing. Or have a safety net in the form of a bunch of people older than us to tell us when we're being stupid."

"Like being around other Champions without your Guard?" Tore asked, though it was clearly rhetorical.

Eira raised both her brows at Aylis, as if silently saying, "See what I mean?"

Meanwhile, Rowen leaned near Signe and Aylis and asked in a false whisper. "Do I want to know what Tore did to knock Revelry out?" Signe giggled and clapped her hands over her mouth to muffle it before she got in trouble.
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06-24-2015, 05:18 PM
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RE: Champion's Corner
"`A guy can't even fuckin' nap, without people thinking there's some damned conspiracy, can they?" Revelry grumbles, eyes opening, as he leans abruptly forward; his hoof clopping hard against the floor. "Shit. Forgot I was in that position..." he says, lunging a second to catch himself.

"And no, no one did anything. I was resting my eyes. Got bored of the... prejudice. As we're so keen on chattering about, amazing what people say, when they think an old goat's asleep." he comments, with a chuckle, rifling around his coat pocket to pull free his cigarettes. He pops one into his mouth, and lights up. Though he has the courtesy to get up, and circle, rather then sitting there and smoking. He stretches his arms, outwards, with a roll of his shoulders.

"Also, was kinda high. So... That happens." he offers, with a smirk. "But listening to you all. Fuck, man, ladies. All this talk about... hiding, and humans being afraid of what they don't understand. Kinda silly, don'tcha think?" he wonders, amused, as he flicks some ash aside, taking drag. "I mean, far be it from me t'say what you should believe. That's all you. Thing is, should know when to hold your tongue sometimes. Might make for a neat story to tell at the Solstice Festival."
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06-25-2015, 07:28 AM
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RE: Champion's Corner
Aylis laughed at bit toward Reverly. "I thought for sure you were one-hundred-percent asleep, Trevor. Welcome back to the world of the waking. Did you have a nice dream?"

While waiting for an answer, he passed his gaze around at those assembled, and gave some actual deep thought to what they'd said. It seemed as though the view on human involvement - good or bad - was pretty split among Champions, and those around him were no exception to that trend. Himself? He couldn't fathom how it was that humans could stand each other, what with all the prejudice and injustice, and conning going around the world. Humans who were like him were in hiding just as much as he was. It took some getting used to. It also took some hard thought, but that still didn't give him the kind of answer he wanted. It just brought up more questions.

"I could really go for something sweet about now." he mused, to get his mind off of darker things. "Maybe some ice cream... or a frozen strawberry. That would hit the spot."

Getting everyone talking about desert should by all rights, cool off the flaring tempers in the room and soothe some frazzled nerves. Eira had said that some of them were better at pretending they knew what they were doing than others - but Aylis wasn't even good at that. Half the time he had nothing to go on but his instinct to help people, and that had gotten him into an awful lot of trouble. Namely, that trouble had been with humans. There was, however, the odd Champion or two he'd deterred or put off with that type of thought and action. He sort of wished Julius was here. Sometimes that basilisk seemed like the only one he could actually talk to without sounded like a complete fool.

"I could go... grab us something cold?" he asked, half-getting up. "Unless you have any other ideas?" the question was posed to the general assembly, and not any one Champion in-particular.
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07-03-2015, 05:38 AM (This post was last modified: 07-03-2015 05:38 AM by StellaFrost.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
Sierra re-entered the room, her tail flicking lightly behind her, "Did Phoenix drop by? It's so quiet in here." She reclaimed her seat, wishing she had taken an opportunity to startle Trevor. Unless someone said something, she'd pull out a piece of fabric from her bag and start working on the design she'd been carrying around for some time. Oliver had saved some video games from the information age. She'd saved some counted cross-stitch kits.

[Sorry for my extended absence. I couldn't figure out what might have made Sierra so quiet so I'm just having her return from doing something. Hopefully, I'll be able to respond more regularly now.]
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