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Champion's Corner
02-27-2015, 11:22 PM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2015 11:31 PM by Onasaki.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
"Reborn. Ash. Reborn." comments Trevor, before realizing he's on fire. "Shitshitshit! Dammit Drake! You were supposed to be on my side, here!" he stumbles backwards, trying to put out any flames.

"I just /got/ this jacket, like--Whatever. Dammit!" he growls, flicking off the jacket now, to pat it down. Yep. Revelry. Doesn't care who sees him naked.

Once the immediate danger is past, he checks any wounds, and sheepishly eyes Aylis, seething at the minor burns on his satyr-fur, and skin. "Hey uh... Aylis, bud... little... uh, help here?" he wonders, checking his jacket for the new holes that probably exist. His gaze flits towards Phoenix, sucking on his teeth a moment.

"Yeah. Then you spend like, a week shitting in your pants, each time." the satyr comments darkly, still looking over the damage. "If you want me to leave, I can leave. But this place'll get duller then Woodstock after the cops showed up. Excuse me for trying to liven things up, a little."

(I was actually under the impression most of the Champions were Immortal. That's not true? Hrm. I'll remember that, then. I'm betting Satyrs are long lived, though, so Trevor's probably been around a fair period of time. At the very least, since before the modern world fell. The picture you did of Greeks(Romans?) and Wine, had me to think at the very most, since Greek(Roman?) times. And don't worry Dai! I was expecting this result! XD)
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02-28-2015, 01:10 AM
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RE: Champion's Corner
Sierra's ears went back at the arrival of Phoenix. Phoenix had Egyptian origins as well, or at least the Egyptians had stories about him. But he made it sound as if he had always existed...

"Hello, Phoenix."

She might not like him, but her parents had taught her to be polite... It would surprise her if he even knew her name. He was such an arrogant jerk he probably didn't bother to remember most.

[Most Solifidians are immortal in the sense that they'll live forever. Phoenix can't be killed permanently like others can though. if he is killed, he is reborn in a new body with his memories intact.]
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02-28-2015, 03:25 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2015 10:29 AM by Eva Emaria.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
"Ware, Phoenix," Eira says. Her smile grows a little tighter. "You are beginning to sound a little hide-bound," referring to ancient means of record keeping, one still used by her people in rural areas. It also meant that one was getting too stuck to rules or traditions.

"It wouldn't be wise to dismiss us 'youths' so easily. Kari could testify to that." She gives a pointed toss of her head, making the feather of her earring sway. The black swan feather was a piece of her predecessor's swan skin, one of several that Eira kept as a war trophy after the skin was destroyed, turning Kari into a mortal woman.

"There is no need to leave yet, Trevor. I am sure Phoenix is capable of some civility." She raises a brow at her counterpart, silently daring him to contradict her.
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02-28-2015, 10:06 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2015 10:09 AM by Aylis.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
Aylis sighed, and motioned at Trevor. "Come here, then. I doubt it's life threatening, but I will do something about it." He rotated his wrists and stretched out his arms in preparation for the minor healing. What's more, his horn started glowing a bit. If Trevor was going to make a big show of things, so was he. Call it his petty little revenge. He'd been wanting to see what the inside of Trevor looked like anyway.

"Don't worry about your clothes. Take that jacket off. I need to be able to touch skin."

It was accurate, but the unicorn would have told him to take the jacket off anyway, even if it wasn't. It was simply easier for his powers to work, the less clothing there was in the way. The fact that Trevor was six shades of attractive didn't harm things either, although he'd be looking past the skin. Maybe his organs were good-looking too.

"I doubt Drake's burned you that badly, but I might as well look. Oh, and.... Good Day, Phoenix."

He bowed his head respectfully, but Aylis never was one big on ceremony. Most of the time he sort of faded into the background anyway. Formalities were of no use to him. What needed to be done, must be done, no matter the lineage, stature, or station of the person in question. A Healer's mentality of triage simply came before anything else. Thus, a simple greeting, a nod, and back to business. Business being Trevor's burns.
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03-02-2015, 12:42 AM (This post was last modified: 03-02-2015 12:44 AM by Onasaki.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
"Yeah yeah," the satyr grumbled, moving over towards Aylis. He tosses his jacket onto the table, and sighs, flicking some ash from his cigarette. "It's not even that, man," he comments to Eira, "I always get the shit end of champion gatherings, like it's my lot in life, or something." the satyr goes on, and as he gets closer he flashes the unicorn a coy smirk, when the horn glows, typical unicorns.

"Revelry isn't just y'know, smoking, drinking, and sex. It's about letting loose, ignoring your inhibitions and enjoying yourself." he goes on, with a vague gesture, and flicking some ash, as he goes about letting the Healer do his Thing.

"And not being uptight jerks, who treat even the slightest hint of fun with disdain." he gives both Phoenix and Drake, a pointed look.

"I'm the dude that keeps dudes being dudes, and not losin' themselves to work, emotion, war, whatever. Keeps them young, keeps them happy." he explains, idly as smoke drifts out of his nose and mouth.

"Even champions need a break once in a while, from the God's games. Which's y'know, the reason I came here in the first place." he says, eyes flitting to Phoenix again, with a goat-like snort. "So, yeah, screw you too, Phoenix."

(Revelry knows how it is. Don't take no shit from no one. They're just uptight jerks anyway, who can't relax. Real trick is getting them /too/ relax, which I'm sure Trevor has managed in more then one occasion. XD For anyone familiar with Dragon Age Inquisition, I feel like I'm getting an Iron Bull vibe from ol' Trevor.)
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03-02-2015, 06:30 AM
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RE: Champion's Corner
Aylis only had to touch Trevor's arm, which he did, using his horn, as well as his prowess as a medic, to ascertain where the burns actually were. All over his chest, up and down both arms, a little on his throat, and one superficial one on his abdomen. Might as well heal them all, even though most were skin-deep, if that.

"I can understand the need for Revelry." Aylis commented, closing his eyes, and letting his healing extend into Trevor. Since the boy was burned, it would probably feel like cool - rather than warm - energy. "But what I don't understand is the need to constantly put oneself in danger. I'm certainly no better, and I've been in scrapes myself, but..."

He finished up the healing with a brief once-over, just to make sure Trevor was okay. Slightly elevated heart-rate, but that was from the indignant anger, not an illness. Aylis let him go.

"I know enough not to antagonize those in an already-tense situation. Which I do understand you're trying to diffuse, but it must be said..."

His gaze drifted toward Drake. "This is Drake, Trevor. You should know this by now. Keeping his temper isn't his strong suit. Yours either, if I recall correctly."
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03-02-2015, 02:53 PM (This post was last modified: 03-02-2015 03:01 PM by Daidaishar.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
Drake had grinned at Trevor's initial startled and indignant reaction. For dragons at least setting someone on fire is considered a completely acceptable response. He still hasn’t quite adapted to socializing with people who are a little less fire proof. This has had dire consequences when such “misunderstandings” occur when Aylis isn’t around.

He winces, however, when Trevor tells Phoenix screw you. He glances at Phoenix to see what his reaction will be. Fire is solidly aligned with Sun, and Drake is often pulled into Phoenix’s plots in an enforcing roll. Trevor may irritate him, but in a bratty sibling way. He doesn’t want to be pulled into whatever vindictive retaliation Phoenix might cook up.

Phoenix clenches his jaw and narrows his eyes at Trevor, but he knows he is not in a good position. Most of the Champions present are showing sympathy to Trevor, including his equal and opposite, Eira. On the other hand, he can’t let an insult like that slide.

“Poor under appreciated little goat. It is such a shame that your accomplishments are not as valued. I’m sure that you were quite heroic in your own way during the Shadows War. I can see why these gatherings must pain you so, surrounding you as they do with Solifidians who have received such praise and respect. I shall endeavor to ease your discomfort by at least removing my illustrious self.”

“Drake, I came to remind you that your assistance is required in resolving a dispute with some Ifrits on my land. It appears to be a straightforward matter. Even in your current cursed condition it should be well within even your limited diplomatic abilities.”

Champions, I take my leave.”

With a shallow bow, Phoenix turns to make his way out of the room.

Behind his back Drake makes a face and mutters under his breath about where exactly Phoenix can shove his diplomatic abilities.

(StellaFrost explained it fairly well already, but while most Solifidians are immortal in that they do not die of old age but can be killed by violent means, Phoenix cannot be permanently killed. Phoenix was also instrumental in leading the Solifidians during the Shadows War. This is where most of his current political power comes from. Sorry he's being such a shit Trevor. I am sending him back to his room, but you can snipe at him as he's leaving if you wish to continue the confrontation. As for how long Trevor's been around, that's totally up to you. I drew him in a roman setting because that seemed to fit him thematically the best in my mind.)
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03-02-2015, 07:58 PM
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RE: Champion's Corner
Other than healing, one thing unicorns did have was... good hearing. He winced as he heard Drake's comment, and made a firm resolve to talk to him about such behavior later. Maybe out of Pheonix's earshot if at all possible. Then again, there were certain thoughts floating through Aylis' head in relation to Pheonix. Mainly: 'Of all the self-righteous, arrogant, stubborn, pig-headed, sarcastic...' and continued from there. Outwardly, though, all he spoke to was Trevor.

"You need to avoid those situations, Trevor." he murmured. "Next time I might not be there to heal you - or Drake could really be angry, and those could be third-degree burns instead of surface-burns. Revelry does not equate to recklessness, by my count."
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03-02-2015, 11:54 PM (This post was last modified: 03-03-2015 01:44 AM by Onasaki.)
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RE: Champion's Corner
"Yeah, yeah, I know." Trevor commented, as smoke billowed from his mouth. "I don't think Drake would intentionally burn me that bad. On normal days I heal pretty quick, but this was quicker." he explains, flicking some ash aside from his cigarette.

He tuned Phoenix out, as the bastard started to leave, and didn't bother commenting further. There was no use, his best bet would be catching the jerk half-way through his next rebirth, and getting him stoned off his ass during his short teenage years. Yeah, that'd show him, if it'd even work. So he tucked that idea in the back of his mind for future use, something definitely had to be done eventually, maybe he'd seek out some assistance when the time came.

"I did my part. That's all that matters. Which is more then I can say for any predecessors. Been in this gig a while, and it takes more then a stuck up little bird to sway my chill. He's never liked me, like I said before." Revelry mused, taking a long, thoughtful drag from that cigarette. "I don't keep up with political posturing. My way's just not like that, and I'm terrible with names when I don't know people well." he says, with a sheepish grin. "Anyways, thanks." He offers, though he's facing Aylis, it's clear he's referring to everyone.

Then his face grimaces, "Ow ow. Watch it! Tender flesh." he says, to Aylis.

(As a note, I think I'm going to go with the idea that Trevor's probably been Champion around since at the very most, late Roman Era. With some apparent sightings a little before then. Probably when he was trying to achieve Champion Status. So he's probably not that young, but he's most definitely younger then Drake, though, and probably a few others. (I'll leave it up to Daidashar to decide specifics) My previous comments to Daidashar during the initial contest, I said something about his human form looking something like a teenager. I'm retconning that now. Since they only get the two forms. Tongue He looks like the drawing, and probably has the ability to disguise his Satyriness when in open human public, but probably only through illusions, and mind altering abilities.)
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03-03-2015, 11:18 AM
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RE: Champion's Corner
Eira snorts at Phoenix's retreating back. His flair for the dramatic reminded her too much of some of her current headaches in various villages. Once he was thoroughly out of sight, she turned back to the others. "He's just a prima donna." It seems they know that, though. She shifts her weight, suddenly hyper aware of her newness to this group of elites.

But Phoenix's words rang clear in her mind. "What curse did he speak of, Drake?" she asks suspiciously. Her knowledge of such things were limited, since she saw them as a coward's way, but they were part of her goddess's abilities, and she had been learning about them.

(...Eira's the baby. :P She's only in her fifties.)
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