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Waiting for a friend.
07-24-2015, 04:45 PM
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Waiting for a friend.
It was a warm July evening as the sun began to set over the mountains, burning the sky with its last glow of the day and the dawning of the night's beauty began to show with the brightest star bleeding through the sun's colors. Below the heavens were the cities of man. Once a great and bountiful empire of technology now reduced to repaired rubble. Not estheticly pleasing rubble but good enough for those that lived in it. The streets were decently busy with people bustling about getting their last shopping of the day finished, sitting at a restaurant eating dinner or serving those who were spending their money and trade goods.

One man who walked along the street bore an unusual weapon and an unusual pair of pets. This man had short dark hair hidden by the hood of his cloak. He wore an old pair of glasses and his eyes beneath were a very soft blue color. Inside of his hood was a black rat, much smaller than the one sitting on his shoulder who had a grey underbelly to his coal colored coat. The man wore a dark green shirt under a white cloak with bright green trim on it. The back of his cloak had an intricate design of a large lizard with eight limbs spitting a fire-y green design that swirled and twisted, converging with the trim at the top of the hood and danced along its edges. He wore dark blue jeans and big black combat boots, scuffed and scratched from decades of use. Over his hands he had on light grey gloves with the fingertips cut off and a dark green band around the material for the fingers. In his left hand he held his weapon of choice. A tall crooked stick with a fork at the base where it met the ground. From the top down were different sized black blades. The scythe had six blades all together, three on either side; the very top one being the largest and the rest decreasing in size as they went down the wooden stick. Though this man hid behind his hood and glasses, he held himself high with pride as he should because he was Pestilence's champion.

Julius walked down the street, passing several people who either shied away from him or gave him odd looks for his large rodent friend. He continued along the road until he found what he was looking for. A small corner shop. Just a booth for item display, a roof overhead and a woman behind the counter.

"Good evening Julius, do you want your usual tonight?" the woman asked him.

"Hey Star. Ah, no. I'll just take the paper and some sparkling water today." the old lizard said.

"No alcohol?" She questioned as she grabbed a paper and two bottles of water.

"No, I'm meeting an old friend tonight. He's not as big of a fan of alcohol or tobacco as I am so that'll have to wait until tomorrow." He stuffed his free hand in one of his jean pockets, pulled out a couple of gold coins and set them on the counter.

Star put the items into a plastic bag and handed it to him before smiling and saying, "I hope you have a good time with your friend."

"Thanks, I will. He's always the life of the party. See you tomorrow Star." Julius grinned as he made his way back down the street from where he came, passed all the people who gave him looks and out of the broken city.

The dead grass was in patches here and there, trying to regrow through the stone garden of the field. A heard of deer could be seen in the distance grazing on what was left of the bright sweet grass. Julius' boots made small dust clouds as he walked the barren path to his destination which he could already see. Not even a mile outside of the town was small hill that looked like half of it was scooped away by machinery to reveal the cavern inside. The oddly vertical wall was polished smooth by the metal of man long ago but was overgrown with the moss and vines growing down from the plant matter above. The cavern was shaded by a massive tree that grew on the top of the hill and next to it was a bench, hand made with old pieces of broken logs. The cave was decorated with various items, Christmas lights hung from the ceiling lighting the interior as well as exterior of the cave, old rustic posters were plastered on the walls of massive reptilian beasts locked in a never ending combat with man and a broken picket fence lined a small area outside of the cave in a half circle with the center pieces mostly broken apart and scattered among the grass. A dirty plastic table sat outside the cave with a large umbrella folded closed sitting in a hole at the center of the table. Around the outside was a small trashcan and two chairs, the broken bits of its plastic on the chairs were crudely fixed with wood, screws and paint. On the other side of the cave was a large couch with several holes in it from rats chewing on the fabric along with weather wear and tear. Inside of the cave was a small network of tunnels that lead to a massive sewer tunnel leading back to the city and beyond. This was Julius' home and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Julius walked past the picket fence, stepping over the broken bits. He set the bottles and paper down on the table as his rats jumped off of his shoulders and ran over to the couch, running into a hole on its side. The plastic bag he tossed into the trash bin before he pulled one of the chairs and sat down. Crossing one leg over the other, he cracked open one of the bottles and took a swig as he waited for his friend.

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07-25-2015, 09:26 AM
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RE: Waiting for a friend.
Aylis sighed, and rubbed the bridge of his nose lightly. It had been a rough day. He was having the devil's own luck with humans today, whether it was commenting on the color of his hair, jeering at his rainbow-decked white hoodie, or pointing out the brightly-colored scarf and trying to take it. As always, his rainbows got him his fair share of jeers and random jabs at his sexuality, his voice, his manner, his gait, and his favorite past-times. He was more than happy to be going to see Julius, as dealing with people just now wasn't the brightest notion. One of his headaches was coming, creeping up on him as it had a tendency to do. Pure stress, nothing but that, but annoying regardless.

It was pounding well into his skull by the time he arrived at Julius' place. The Pestilence Champion had been Aylis' best friend for a very long time, but they hadn't seen each other in quite a while. Aylis may have also had a slight crush on the admittedly nice-looking basilisk, far more than his little appreciative look-sees at Trevor. Julius knew the unicorn almost as well as Aylis knew himself. It was so easy to be open and clear with the other Champion that there was small wonder he was a bit smitten with him. Regardless of any romantic inclinations the unicorn may have had, he was actually very excited to see him after a long absence, and to complain about the humans he kept coming across, although they would possibly talk of others things. Probably, even.

Entering Julius' lair, and finding drinks already waiting there was a pleasantry indeed, and he grinned broadly, holding his arms out for a hug, as per usual.

"Julius, it has been quite a while since we saw each other." he said, smiling. "Come give me a hug, and tell me where you've been?"
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